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செம்மொழி மாநாடு கட்டுரை

Paper .I.D. No.0981 submitted Ulaga thamizh chemmozhi Manadu Coimbatore
Typed by Thirumathi Dhanalakshmi Shanmugasundaram .
The Excellent character, not seen among the mill owners gone by or living industrialists in the world, we can see in Karumuttu Thiagarajar who the greatness and eminence of the family into which, was born to excel it further.

The lineage praised, to have endowed with prominence by ILANGO ADIGAL and lauded, to have come as exceptional gift from dignified hereditariness by Sekkizhaar, to which he belonged.

He had his education in Madurai Sethupathi high school with P.T. Rajan and in Saint Thomas College, Ceylon
Tmt. Radha Thiagarajan recollected that if marriage would take place in nagarathar society no practice of wearing marriage badge round the neck of the wife by the husband before the family of Karumuttu Thiagarajar got Influence.

As it is a simple language to kearn, after marriage, according to the wishes of Karumuttu Thiagarajar Radha Thiagarajan, from Avvai Duraisamy a great scholar, learned Tamil fervently, submitted Her thesis on “Tiruvasaganthil Aruliyal and as a result she became the vice chancellor of Alagappa university.

When she took charge as one of the trustees of Palani Subramania Swamy Tirukoil, in all possible ways she extended her helping hand to the workers so as to please them in getting favourable chances.

As she was interested in feminism used her position of moral superiority for women to stand erect in their thoughts and deeds and became a pioneer to all women in this state.

K.A.P. Viswanathan a genius, appreciated by all Tamil- Lovers, once said that even though some people ceased to living. That saying has been proved in the life of Karumuttu Thiagarajar who has got hearts of grateful persons as golden throne.

In the conference convened for opposition to Hindi first of all Karumuttu Thiagarajar, hoisted Tamil Flag and Roared Courageously inspiring gathering.

In Ceylon as the leader of workers of Tamil Race and Sub- Editor of “Morning Star” made vigorous efforts under difficulties for 7 years and overcame the problem. (That was pushing to heat –system.)

In the year 1916, a letter regarding the problem faced by Nagarather in Ceylon he wrote to the then governor of Madras presidency is being preserved yet in Madras Egmore govt record office.

The word “Whatever chetty sees is for interest” was change and his family was turned towards import and export, commerce, Javuli and Industrial Dept., with instruction that his family not to involve in the business of interest.

In the year1940, Subash Chandra Bose as his guest came to Madurai. He was in astonishment seeing the books gone through by Karumuttu Thiagarajar kept arranged beautifully as in library. Also, notes he wrote in the books then and there would be useful and insiring, he noticed.

He, in the conference of siddha practice of medicine on 29.9.57 and on radio on 7.11.49 delivered speech about education.

In 15.9.57 in the function of Paravai Meenakshi mill workers colony disclosed his dream, being the leader of workers in Ceylon that the workers should live in their own houses with pleasure, came to true.

In the anniversary of Nagarathar sangam held on28.6.1962 in Madurai he opened his mind that if every one world treat the unmarried girl deemed to have pertaine to his respective temple, as his sister there the marriage problems of old maiden would come to an end.

As he had taken to following the couplets of Tiruvalluvar in his life, knowing what good reputation is, what rectitude is and what rectitude is and what the delight of giving lived his life cherishing “ Faultless earning and generous sharing” to his last day.

On realization “The fruit of wealth is to give” (Puranaanuru-180) and the words of S.R. Thomas brown, “He is rich who hath enough to be charitable” he had made financial help to bring out many books including Tholkaappiyam- English translation rendered by Dr. C. Ilakkuvanar, To Chennai Tamil Music Academy, Madurai Tiruvalluvar Kazhagam, Karaikudi Kamban Kazhagam Tenkasi Tiruvalluvar Kazhakam, Mahopathyaya U.V. Saminatha Iyer Nilayam in Chennai and other hundreds of sangam without bringing to the notice of public on love of Tamil donated liberally. He has offered rewards to 49 Tamil Scholars and Thinkers with feasts.

By his effort Madurai Corporation was refined, pertaining to the present times. He had no intention to fly to the developed countries abroad. No respect on honor he liked. He had great interest in music and paintings. He showed his fervor on horse ride. He with lofty thoughts moved forward.

Above all these qualities he must be identified that he was a designer of buildings. The buildings he raised in Madurai will speak of his art of designing buildings.

Avoiding lifts he passed steps of high buildings. A separate style in wearing dress he adapted. The Education only would be a virtue, he was confident. Unlike other mill – owners, Karumuttu Thiagarajar lived in the house built in his mill- area.

He did not even to dream to avail the govt’s concession in any way.

Before naming to Madras state as Tamil Nadu he run a daily by name “Tamil Nadu” and brought to use the words “ Perundhu” and “Thiraiarangam” etc.,

Being a lover of Tamil, a unique classical language of the world, that had requisite qualities accepted by the great researchers on study, his enthusiasm and energetic force of character have made many youths as scholars poets and writers in pure Tamil for the goodness of society.

Perarignar Anna. DR.Kalaignar Karunanidhi Naavalar, Nedunchedzhian and poet Kannadasan were invited to address among the students in his colleges. He was much pleased Chakravarthi Rajagopala Achariyar asked him to release Tirukural English translation through Madurai Tiruvalluvar Kazhagam.

Inspite of his having thousands of complications regarding own institutions he worried about the difficult situations of all India that in need to be resolved. Tmt. Radha Thiagarajan had remembered that the above points in Ananda vikatan issue dated: 27.9.70 have been published.

For his first mill and his elder daughter was named after “Meenakshi” The names of Sundarar who sang Thevaram amd Manickavasagar who sang Thiruvasakam were given to his sons.

Karumuttu Thiagarajar was a man of richness not only in valuable possessions but also in the culture, moral codes and truths in philosophy by systematic reasoning of Tamil of great age.
What a shock Tamilians had when they landed in Ceylon there was a horrible. Custom of branding the coolies as cattle were. Karumuttu Chettiar strongly opposed the branding system. He succeeded in his attempt. It was remarkable coincidence that Gandhiji and kalaithnathai returned their Home land in the same year 1916. When Devikulam Beermedu border dispute arised Karumuttu represented
Tamilnadu along with C.Rajagopalachariar. P.T. Rajan and G.D.Naidu in one sitting Other than him are politicians.

.. Karumuttu Thiagarajar was strong vegetarian. He denated liberally
for vegetarian Conference and lead it at Chennai. While the students of Thiagarajar college of Engineering agitated demanding non vegetarian food even though the department of technical education supported them Karumuttu refused to offer nonvegetarian food.
Karumuttu Thiagarajan chettiar always wore white shirt and dhoty. He never used lift.
During British regime he was the secretary of the Tamilnadu congress committee.
A&F Harvey management laid off all the workers Karumuttu utilized them properly to start Meenakshi Mills with the support of Thiru. Varadarajulu naidu.
In the year1921 at West Ponnagaram he hired a Bungalow and that time he was having ready cash what he brought from Srilanka that was
Only5lacs. He was able to purchase 20 acres of land at Andalpurm. He collected shares for 15 lacs. He started 16 mills. During 1956 he remitted 60 lacs and started Thiagarajar college of Engineering. Golden jubilee of the college celebrated on 29.1.2007. Kalaignar Chief minister of Tamilnadu in his speech requested the girl Students to follow the path of Mrs, Sonia Gandhi.
Dr.J.Jeyalalitha Chief minister of Tamilnadu released The King Of Textiles written by Mrs. Radha Thiagarajan on 7.3.1994. Dr.M.G.R. chief minister of Tamilnadu appointed Mrs. Radha Thiagarajan as Trustee of Arulmigu Palani Andavar K Thirukkoil Palani.
Peraringar C.N.Annadurai granted the free land at Tirupparankundram to
built TCE.
Thus the Dravidan parties supported Karumuttu family and honoured them.

Finally, there was an important event that we cannot forget was taken place in the house of Karumuttu Thiagarajar. It wearing the dress of poor by Mahatama Gandhi, father of our nation, made excite among the followers.

Let the workers and Tamil lovers.

Think of his outstanding achievements.

Long live his name!

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